UTHSCSA Center for Surface Plasmon Resonance (CSPR)


The UTHSCSA Center for Surface Plasmon Resonance provides expertise and instrumentation in Surface Plasmon Resonance. The Center has one BIAcore 3000 and one BIAcore T200.

We offer fee-for-service or individual/group training and provide help with experimental design, applications, and data analysis as well as assistance in grant and manuscript preparation.

The Technical section provides information on sensor chips, chemical compatibility, injection information, and maintenance/washing procedures. It also contains a restricted site for software and GE/BIAcore user manuals.

The Protocols sections contains information on basic procedures for pre-conditioning, pH scouting, minimal biotinylation, and activation/capture. There is also a Rmax calculator available, a procedure for calculating peptide concentration based on absorbance, and tables for preparing commonly used reagents.

The Training section contains the procedure for conducting a well characterized small molecule study using SPR. The training guides the user through reagents, preparation of the instrument and preparation of the sensor chip, capture of the ligand, and analyte preparation. Users are required to download Scrubber® software and obtain a license for its use. Also download the tutorials. Please work through the tutorials before performing the training. One of the tutorials goes step-by-step through analyses of the same small molecule interaction.